Welcome to the log of Evelyn,
a gaff-rigged wooden ketch launched in 1985, with a design that dates to the 1920s.

When our adventures with Evelyn began years ago, our friends and family asked us to keep a blog so that they could follow what we were up to. That original journal, dubbed home is where the boat is: the ship’s blog, is linked above, though these days I update it rarely.

Along our journey with Evelyn we discovered that we are as much a part of her story as she is a part of our story—neither is complete without the other.

And so on this site, I attempt to bring some balance. A little of the present, a little of the past. A bit of our story, a bit of her story.

The Ship’s Blog is an ongoing project, much like Evelyn herself. Her story starts with a man who loved projects, and decided that he wanted to build a boat. Then it stretches backwards through time, to the origins of her design. Moving forward, her story joins our own in 2011, when we climbed aboard her for the first time. This site is my attempt to log all of that information in one place, as we continue to fit the puzzle pieces together. At the moment, you will find the following brief histories: about the boat, the design, the builder, and the crew. Or visit the gallery if you’d prefer to browse through photos. Whatever your interest, I hope you enjoy.